Episode 33

Published on:

16th Feb 2021

Finding a credible coach with Victoria Barker

In this episode, host Brenton Webber is joined by Credible Coach Co-founder, Victoria Barker. Together the two discuss the reasons behind the creation of this service as well as some of the things to look out for when hiring a coach. Let's explore how you can safeguard & find a top credible coach.

At Credible Coach, their core aim is to protect the UK business community from unethical and even fraudulent coaches. Businesses need to be confident that their spending on coaching will result in an optimum return on investment. Rest assured, professional, high standard coaching is out there and at Credible Coach they want to make sure you find it!

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Brenton Webber asks companies to explore what their customers need, not just what do they want.
Founded by Brenton Webber in 2018, Half Time Orange is a New Zealand-based customer experience consultancy. Their sole mission is to help companies understand their customers more and to engage with them more effectively. They consider the customer to be the most crucial factor for any organisation.

Those that place the customer at the centre more, experience higher returns and better long-term growth.

Through this podcast, Brenton wants to discover stories of Customer Experience that delight and that his audience can learn more about what treasures await those that do invest in CX.

With this mind, he is going out and meeting leaders of various companies, talking to them to find out what their experience has been with Customer Experience. It’ll be an experience.

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