Episode 19

Published on:

8th Dec 2020

The 4 CX Pillars and what they mean for you

On todays episode, host Brenton is joined by Adrian Brady-Cesana of CXChronicles. 

Adrian spends much of his time working with amazing clients at CXC to help them optimize the Four CX Pillars - Team, Tools, Process & Feedback! 

Check out Adrians new book on Amazon "The Four CX Pillars To Grow Your Business Now -- The Customer Experience Playbook". If you are looking for new ways to re-engage your customers & employees within your business, then grab this playbook for success! 


Sit back and explore with Brenton and Adrian what exactly the 4 pillars of CX are and what do they mean for you?

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The Half Time Orange Podcast
Brenton Webber asks companies to explore what their customers need, not just what do they want.
Founded by Brenton Webber in 2018, Half Time Orange is a New Zealand-based customer experience consultancy. Their sole mission is to help companies understand their customers more and to engage with them more effectively. They consider the customer to be the most crucial factor for any organisation.

Those that place the customer at the centre more, experience higher returns and better long-term growth.

Through this podcast, Brenton wants to discover stories of Customer Experience that delight and that his audience can learn more about what treasures await those that do invest in CX.

With this mind, he is going out and meeting leaders of various companies, talking to them to find out what their experience has been with Customer Experience. It’ll be an experience.

Join him as he explores the mountains and valleys of CX from around the world.

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Brenton Webber, founder and managing director of Half Time Orange, knows that when it comes crafting great Customer Experience, everything that impacts the customer is worth considering. A true customer-centric thinker and proponent.